AP Studio Reklamy - office: ul. Starołęcka 18, 61-361 Poznań  |  telefon +48 605 522 366  |  e-mail info@ap.net.pl


We always offer our wide experience in advertising

Our team focuses on outdoor advertising and Internet Applications. We specialise in graphic design, signboards and dimensional letters made of synthetic materials like styrofoam (extruded polystyrene - xps). Due to modern equipment we are able to prepare even the most untypical forms of advertising. We endeavour to make our products original and effective at the same time. Clients are offered expert knowledge in the field of graphic design, copywriting and Internet Application Programming.

Our products – signboards, 3D letters, logo, fair stand graphics are both aesthetic and made of high quality materials. The services are provided to many companies dealing with fair. Moreover, we make wall decorations of self-adhesive foil.

We kindly invite to fruitful cooperation!